What it does?

Controls parasites (Coccidia and Cryptosporidia) and bacteria
(Clostridia). Stabilizes the microbiota. Avoids indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the first ages.

What do we gain?

Avoid diarrhea processes of calves in the first weeks. Improve intestinal immunity of calves. Avoid the proliferation of Cryptosporidia in the first week of life. Prevent the proliferation of Coccidia in the second and third week of lifetime. Avoid casualties at first weeks of life. Greater economic benefit. (return 100:600).

How is it used?

Administer BILANTUL LACTANTES mixed with formula milk.

What dose?

Check the appropriate dose for each species in the following product sheets. Remember that you must be registered to download them. Click here to login or create a new account.

Product Sheet