We are passionate developers of solutions to improve animal nutrition at AMBiotec. The very origin of the company is linked to research, our president and founder Jorge Figuls has been an assiduous collaborator of universities in the search for milestones that open the way in the field of intestinal health.

Our laboratories have a dual mission: to develop products and programmes that optimise the zootechnical parameters of livestock species and to offer complete analytical services to our customers, in order to optimise feed and other raw materials to improve livestock management.

Our main objective is to provide products and advice to make livestock farming a profitable and sustainable means of production. To achieve this, we have an expert team made up of veterinary nutritionists, engineers and biotechnologists, committed to the mission of a company dedicated to the production and distribution of natural nutritional supplements together with a technical consultancy service.

R&D: In-house laboratories and latest technological advances

We base our work on our own research as the basis for efficiency and the achievement of improvements, advances and results in terms of animal health and animal welfare.

We have laboratories with the latest technological advances and highly qualified personnel. The application of our results leads to the development of products that incorporate the latest advances in animal nutrition and health.

We offer our clients microbiological, coprological and bacteriological analyses and analyses of raw materials, feed and water. We guarantee an exhaustive analysis, monitoring and control of the livestock farm with personalised programmes to achieve excellent results.

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Feed Analysis, Quality Control and Advice

We carry out analyses of raw materials and feed to ensure that the animals eat the best, avoiding the risk of contamination. We ensure monitoring and control of your farm to achieve excellent and sustainable results.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumental analytical techniques that ensure we achieve the levels of satisfaction in the development of our products.

Our philosophy is the continuous improvement of our products, evolving them for each species in order to maximise the improvement of animal welfare and, therefore, the zootechnical indexes in the livestock facilities of our clients.

Our clients have the guarantee of a correct and exhaustive monitoring of their livestock farm thanks to personalised integral animal nutrition programmes to achieve the best results.

AMBiotec has two production centres with modern facilities and machinery for the production of nutritional supplements and vitamin-mineral premixes, following the most exhaustive international quality standards in the field of food safety, in order to guarantee products of maximum reliability and effectiveness for our customers.

In May 2021 AMBiotec has obtained the highest accreditation, the FAMI-QS certification in Feed Ingredients Production (Cat DI, K and FI), after the corresponding external audit. The code of good practice of the FAMI-QS standard allows to implement the necessary measures and to guarantee, in animal feed, the safety and quality of the manufactured products.

The FAMI-QS certification covers the requirements of good manufacturing practices, the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), continuous improvements to design, operations and risk management in order to maintain the safety and quality of feed.

For all these reasons, AMBiotec is an innovative company in animal health and welfare, a biotechnology company which since 2009 and every day, aims to lead the manufacturing and consultancy in animal nutrition.