Products for Pigs




AMB Lacto

Lactor replacement for piglets

AMB Pig Mix 1,5%

Mineral vitamin core with probiotics and enzymes for piglets

Bilantul Rehidra

Complementary oral feed with mineral salts for optimal hydration


Phytobiotic in the form of a block that contains essential oils essential for livestock

Cocci Cero

Complementary phytobiotic feed for ruminants, pigs and poultry

Cryptomilk Solución

Product with essential oils and polyphenols that provide added value to your cattle

Cryptosin Digest Solución

Complementary feed with ingredients that help the digestibility of fat and polyphenols

Cryptosin E.Coli

Provides added value on your farm due to the high quality ingredients that it is made up of

Mic-Ox Complet

Product with ingredients with absorbent and adherent capacity. Designed to improve cattle performance


All-in-one probiotic


Probiotic that provides hydrated yeast together with all the metabolites derived from its fermentation

Vitaid Porcino

Premix of essential oils with molecules that provide great added value, achieving more homogeneous batches.