for the safety and quality of Gama Balance products, probiotics and phytobiotics, for animal feed.

In May 2021 and after an adaptation period of almost 3 years, our company Agroalimentaria Manchega de Biotecnología SL, AMBiotec, aware of the importance for its customers and for the market regarding certified safety in the manufacture of livestock feed, has obtained the highest accreditation, the FAMI-QS certification in Production of feed ingredients (Cat DI, K and FI), after the appropriate external audit.

This affects the facilities in Toledo and the implementation protocol has already begun for the other production plant in Talavera de la Reina.

The code of good practice of the FAMI-QS regulation allows the implementation of the necessary measures and guarantees, in animal feed, the safety and quality of the products manufactured.

FAMI-QS certification covers the requirements of good manufacturing practices, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System), continuous design improvements, operations and risk management in order to maintain feed safety and quality.

FAMI-QS, which deals with the safety, quality and regulatory compliance of particular feed ingredients and their mixtures, was the first code targeted at this sector and remains as the only certifiable code in the industry.

The Dutch feed agency or “Productschap Diervoeder” (PDV), the European Feed Additives and Premixtures Association (FEFANA) and the Foundation for Food Safety Certification have developed these codes of practice to meet the expectations of consumers, food producers and retailers.

Benefits of FAMI-QS certification

Demonstrable and transparent quality assurance is a “licence to produce”. Certification shows your commitment to the following recognised global principles and facilitates your company’s access to the global market.

By achieving certification according to the FAMI-QS standard, you can guarantee that your feed and feed ingredients comply with the legal regulations and requirements that have been agreed with the parties in the chain.

FAMI-QS Livestock feed standard and AMBiotec

In order to have a good quality system, the company must establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the quality management and feed safety, including the necessary processes in accordance with the requirements of the FAMI-QS standard.

The FAMI-QS quality management system shall ensure that all activities performed in the company are consistently defined, implemented and maintained at all levels. This shall include documented information that the product complies with the regulatory requirements of the country of production and destination.

This milestone allows AMBiotec to present itself to the market and customers as a company with certified quality, responsible and committed to the whole team in the manufacturing process of our products. Through these products, we ensure proper digestive health for all species, which has a decisive impact on animal welfare.

AMBiotec, Animal Care.